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» Allah has caliphs - English Islam

Question: A person who introduces himself to be of the Party of Allah and who rejects madhhabs says, “Allah is a deity, and He has no caliphs. Whoever says He has, he or she has attributed godhood to caliphs and so has lapsed into disbelief.” Does Allah not have caliphs? ANSWER Allahu ta’âlâ certainly has caliphs. This fact has been revealed by âyâtand ahâdîth. The purport of two âyât that illustrate the point is as follows: (O Dâwud (David)! We have made you a caliph on earth. Then judge with justice.) [Sûrat-u Sâd, 26] (It is He who has made you caliphs on earth. Whoever disbelieves, it is to his own detriment.) [Sûrat-u Fâtir, 39] Some pertinent ahâdîth declare: (A just sultan is Allah’s caliph on earth.) [Bayhaqî] (Mahdî, who will be of my lineage, is Allah’s caliph.) [Daylamî, Hâkim] (He who enjoins the doing of what is good and forbids the doing of what is evil is the caliph of Allah and His Messenger.)[Daylamî] Our master the Prophet describes a caliph as follows: (May Allahu ta’âlâ show mercy to my caliphs! He who revives my sunnah and spreads it is my caliph.) [I. ‘Asâkir] Dâwud ‘alaihis-salâm was told to judge with justice. This means to say that prophets and sultans are caliphs. If a sultan is just, he serves Allah’s religion. It is declared in a hadîth-i sharîf: (The sultan is a zillullah on earth. He who reveres him will be revered. He who betrays him will be betrayed.) [Tabarânî] Zillullah means a caliph who has the authority to implement Allahu ta’âlâ’s rules and orders. This title is also applied to Hadrat Mahdî, who will come at the tim...

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» What does makr-i ilâhî mean? - English Islam

Question: Âl-i ‘Imrân Sûra and Anfâl Sûra say, “Wa makarû wa makarallah, wallahu khayrul mâkirîn,” which means, “Allah is the best of those who play makr [trick]. What does “Allah’s playingmakr” mean? ANSWER Makr means causing damage through playing a trick or setting a trap. As for makr-i ilâhî (divine trick), it has such meanings as Allahu ta’âlâ’s turning the tricks of tricksters against them, His foiling their harm and plots, and His punishing them in return for their ruses. Janâb-i Haqq is free from the tricks (makr) played by humans, and He has the power to do whatever He wishes. He in no way needs tricks.Makr-i ilâhî is good in that it, by making the tricks of the schemers fall through, teaches the maleficience of tricking others to them and causes some people to make repentance. Some examples of makr-i ilâhî (divine trick) are as follows: 1. Allahu ta’âlâ made Muslims seem a few in number to the eyes of the polytheists and made polytheists march on Badr. They attacked Muslims there. However, they were crushingly defeated and killed by Muslims. This was a makr of Allah. 2. The Jews hatched a plot to kill Hadrat ‘Îsâ, but Allahu ta’âlâ saved him and subjected the Jews to various disasters. Their king Judas sent a hypocrite to Hadrat ‘Îsâ’s house in order to murder him, but Hadrat Jabrâîl came before him and elevated Hadrat ‘Îsâ to the sky. When he could not find Hadrat ‘Îsâ, he went out of the house. Janâb-i Haqq made that hypocrite seem like Hadrat ‘Îsâ; therefore, they mistook him for Hadrat ‘Îsâ. So they crucified that hypocrite and killed...

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